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  1. Ecourile unui sarut... 2018

    "Echoes of a Kiss" - 2018

    While some plans work well to the smallest details and other plans are completely derailed by unforseen circumstances, adaptability and teamwork remain the only means to move forward.

    We visited “Bluie East Two”, a former US Army base from World Wor II located in East Greenland, in 2014 and four years later, in 2018, we decided to retrace our steps and find the echoes of a kiss shared at ...
  2. Urban Pulse - 2014

    Intre doua iesiri in apele reci ale nordului, cea din vara lui 2014 si cea care urmeaza in vara lui 2015, si dupa cinci ierni consecutive petrecute la padela in Everglades, am cedat tentatiei de a ne bucura de apele mai calde ale sudului si de confortul unei camere cu aer conditionat.

    Ca intodeauna, amintirile oricarei calatorii incep cu nesfarsita autostrada si regasirea gustului libertatii in imbratisarea nemarginirii.

    Autostrada este intotdeauna o loterie. Am trecut ...

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    Ecouri la focul de tabara
  3. "Bluie East Two - 2014"

    "Bluie East Two - 2014" is a 151 minute long video diary filmed on our paddling journey on the magical east coast of Greenland.

    Although you will continue to relax in the comfort of your favorite couch, this rather long video diary will bring you to each and every step of the endeavor, from the planning stage, to the post-scriptum. You'll be able to share the pain and the joy of the two nomads, their silly bad acting and ...